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I recently heard this wanted to draw France with Clopin’s clothes, I really love him!
Hetalia Character Name Meanings
Alfred: Name of a king
Arthur: Strong as a bear
Francis: Free or Frenchman
Matthew: A saint who was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus
Ivan: Gift from God
Yao: Dazzling or Born on a Thursday
Kiku: Chrysanthemum
Ludwig: Famous fighter
Feliciano: Happy one
Romano: From Rome
Antonio: Beyond praise
Gilbert: Oath
Elizabeta: Devoted to God
Roderich: Famous power
Vash: Cow (can be interpreted)
Natalia: Born at Christmas
Peter: Rock
Feliks: Happy
Eduard: Rich benefactor
Tino: To honor God
Berwald: Bear Ruler
Heracles: Glory of Hera
Sadik: Honest
Im Yong Soo: Brave and great